Small Bedroom? Here Are Some BIG Ideas.

Reposted by Don Johnson, Don Johnson Realty Group
Most people dream of having a spacious and accommodating home, but unfortunately most American homes and apartments feature rooms that are moderately sized at best and in some cases, downright small. While suffering through a tiny kitchen is one oredeal, being forced to sleep in a small bedroom can be a greater challenge. After all, it can be difficult to feel comfortable when it feels like the walls are closing in on you.
Since you can’t physically change the size dimensions of your bedroom, you are going to have to adapt a few strategies for making the room appear larger than it is. Luckily, there are several tips you use to help give your small bedroom a more spacious feel.
Tip 1: Keep the Bedroom Clean and De-Clutter Often
Nothing makes a small space feel even smaller than a mess. If you have a small bedroom, keeping it clean and tidy will help you maximize your floor space so it will be easier to move around within the room. On the plus side, since the room is small, it won’t take long to clean. Of course, since the room is small, it also won’t take much to dirty it up, so clean it often and you won’t have a problem. You should also de-clutter your bedroom frequently to prevent accumulating items that don’t belong in the room.
Tip 2: Don’t Use Beds with Foot Boards
Sleigh beds have large and sometimes very thick foot boards that can take a big chunk out of your available room space. Therefore, if your bedroom has size limitations, leave the foot board off the bed frame.
Tip 3: Buy Appropriate Furniture for the Room
Before you buy any furniture for the room, measure the walls and decide upon a maximum thickness for the furniture. Avoid purchasing curved furniture because these items stick further out into your walking zone without offering any increase in storage capacity. Everything from the bed to the lamps needs to be downsized in order to give the room a larger feel. Better yet, do away with table lamps and install wall-mounted sconces or fixtures to give the room a more open feel. In addition, by decreasing your bed size, you’ll be able to fit other types of furniture in the room that it may have not been able to accommodate with your California king in the room.
Tip 4: Paint the Room to Promote Height
Painting the bedroom ceiling a light color instantly makes it feel as if the room has a higher ceiling than it really does. Conversely, painting it a dark color will make it feel as if the room is shorter than it really is.
Tip 5: Keep the TV in the Living Room
Having a television in the bedroom not only negatively affects one’s sleeping habits, but it can take up a big chuck of space. They’re also unsightly and large, so keep the boob tube out of your bedroom and you’ll enjoy more room and a better night’s sleep.
Tip 6: Keep Your Decor Simple
Avoid using comforters or blankets with large, bold patterns, because this will draw too much attention to the room’s largest piece of furniture and make the room appear small. Instead, use simple designs and light colors to help create a larger, more flowing space.
Tip 7: Use Multi-Functional Furniture
In order to help cut down on the amount of furniture in your small bedroom, use furniture that can suit multiple functions. For example, place a small desk next to the bed and hang a mirror on the wall above it; this one piece of furniture will give you a nightstand, desk and dressing table.
Tip 8: Give the Room a Focal Point
A piece of artwork is a great way to build a focal point in the room, therefore, hang a large piece of art above the bed and it will be an effective way of drawing attention away from the miniscule size of the room.

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